Cartography by DVDMaps
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  • Cartography. I can help you turn your designs and ideas into publishable products. I work with a wide range of data, such as GIS (Geographical Information Systems), internet research or existing printed maps.
  • Project Management. On larger volume jobs I can oversee the entire production process for you, building on years of experience and a partner network that I often cooperate with.
  • Royalty free mapping. Using the latest open datasets enables me to produce high quality mapping at a sensible price. OS OpenData, OpenStreetMap and the Natural Earth World Database are among the many resources I may call upon.
  • GIS. The addition of MAPublisher to my software suite brings GIS functionality to my mapping, and enables me to import data from a wide variety of GIS data formats, for example .gml (as used by the Ordnance Survey), .xml (as used by Google Maps) and ESRI Shape files.
  • Customer Service. I offer a flexible, friendly and efficient approach. Simply give me a call or send an enquiry to help me understand your requirement.